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This is where my creativity holds no limits. I switch between sculptural and conceptual art, the possibilities are endless.

Mixed Media & Digital


Technique: Collage

Medium: Cutouts from original LIFE magazines and other vintage magazines, carefully glued to A3 paper.

Size: A3

/ˈʌpʃɒt/, noun - the final or eventual outcome or conclusion of a discussion, action, or series of events.

This is a collection of collages realised with parts of 1950's LIFE magazines. This process and the results speak on both a social and emotional level. Each piece is centered on a specific message instead of an abstract one.


Technique: Photography and Digital Editing

For this project I've worked on this brief with the 'Tension' word in mind. I've worked on my three photographs digitally with textures to portray everyday objects that for the average person does not issue much thought. The glasses have pins glued on them, the hairbrush has nails attached and the meal is made from a fork and a roll of construction steel wool material. For persons that are suffering of mental health, they could everyday tasks really difficult or even impossible to do depending on each case: starting the day by putting glasses on, combing the hair (doing personal care in general) and eating a meal. My submission focuses on the internal feeling of tension and stress that are associated with taking care of oneself from a struggling with mental health person's point of view.


Portraying the struggle and stress that comes with ones personal appearance and the task of brushing their hair.


Portraying the struggle of getting up in the morning and starting the day by putting the glasses on.


Portraying the struggle of getting in the mood to eat a meal.

One Day Project:Paper Costume

Inspired by Victorian dresses and Japanese kimonos, this was a one day project where we teamed up to create a beautiful dress while also paying respects to Issey Miyake who recently passed away. His beautiful pleated dresses were an inspiration for us in this project.

The costume is made from multiple pleated and cut parts of various sizes of paper, held together by string carefully tied around. The design projected on the costume is a collage of images with friends dear to Ella, printed on acetate paper. The writing on the front is actually our names translated into Japanese. 

Photography: Christina Drust

Costume Design: Christina Drust, Carol Bishop, Ella Vaney

Projector Design: Ella Vaney

Model, Hair & Make-up: Ella Vaney

Digital collage done in photoshop. To convey the sense of decay, I added as many elements as possible I could think of that is harmful to our society in different measures including sloth, religion, generally us for the nature that's trying to regain power.

Sleeping fox

Sleeping Fox

Technique: Collage

Medium: Digital, Photoshop

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