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Christina Drust, a professional illustrator from Hastings, UK, recently graduated from ESCG Hastings (with a BA in Visual Communication through Illustration) and she is passionate about traditional ink illustration. Drust aims to break into the graphic novels industry, infusing her work with dark humour and exploring unconventional ideas.

Throughout her studies, she has experimented with various mediums, but she has found her niche in traditional illustration using ink and brushes. Her approach to art is marked by lateral thinking and a willingness to push boundaries, often challenging norms while infusing her work with a blend of serious topics and dark humour or absurdity. Some of her favourite projects have involved pushing the limits of traditional illustration to convey thought-provoking messages.


Drust has immersed herself in the local art scene by participating in group exhibitions across the UK and being published in indie art magazines. Beyond her creative pursuits, she finds solace in outdoor sketching, reading graphic novels, and sharing her work online.


Stade Hall,

Hastings, UK

25.02 - 02.03.2022

'Duality' collaborative exhibition with local artists and students. I had my original Debait screen printings exhibited here.

OCAS Gallery,

Brighton, UK

05 - 28.02.2023 (+Ongoing)

Self portait donated to 'WE THE HUMAN: A Quiet Blue Wall'. A collaborative art project supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. This is an ongoing project aiming to run until 2030.

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography,

Glasgow, UK

01 - 30.06.2023

Exhibiting for the duration of June.

A Curious Town Festival,

Hastings, UK

31 - 04.06.2023

I submitted my 'Deliverance' piece here. It was exhibited at the Observer Building for the duration of the festival.


St. Andrew's Mews, Hastings, UK

07 - 23.04.2023

Showcasing past and present students' and tutors' work. 'One Day Paper Costume' was exhibited.

Larkhall Art Club,

London, UK


Two illustrations I made in Greece were exhibited during Postcards From The Summer exhibition, part of the Mabon Festival Art Party.



Published in TENSION by SU4IP

"TENSION" is the debut submission-centric publication produced by SU4IP. 


Diploma Show College Brochure,

ESCG Hastings

Representing the Illustration Degree by having my works in the brochure.


Published in NOIR by SU4IP

"NOIR" is the third issue in submission-centric publication produced by SU4IP. 

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